Tell your reps what matters to you.

If adult coloring books aren't cutting it, remember that Valentine's day affords the opportunity to reach out to your elected officials with a handcrafted message. Let them know how you really feel, and ask them to stand up for what's most important to you — creatively!

Go high, go low, it's up to you. Our hope is that #BeMyRepresentative will bring a bit of joy to the resistance, while encouraging first-timers to get comfy with the idea of sending their reps heartfelt messages throughout the year.



Host a party

Taking action is better together! Host a #BeMyRepresentative craft night to write your congressperson and senators over wine, with friends and glitter. Or make it family-friendly and show kids how much their involvement matters.

Not sure where to start? Check out our hosting guide for ways to find reps, inspiration, and more.


Follow and share

Follow @BeMyRepresentative on Instagram and share your pics with the #BeMyRepresentative hashtag to spread the word about the project, and get more people comfortable with actively sharing their voice.

We'll feature your tagged posts throughout the campaign (but hopefully not for the next four years???).


A Valentine's Day to combat resistance fatigue.

Utilizing Eros’ holiday to do a little political activism is actually a genius way to make a striking statement (and have some fun while you’re at it).
— Lily Feinn, Bustle

Show them how much you care.


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