What do I write? Where do I send it?

We know — there's a lot going on and it's hard to keep track of. The great news is, there are a lot of passionate people out there rounding up simple ways to make a difference!

When you're ready to write your #BeMyRepresentative valentines, visit these links below for more ideas on what to say and details on where to send mail.


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Demand specific action

There are lots of issues to speak up about, and it's great to write from the heart, but we'd recommend visiting We Are The 65 for talking points about current priorities and legislation. Plus, you might just get some more ideas for folks outside of your district that are worth contacting.

For maximum impact, make sure to include a clear message (e.g. opposing a nominee or supporting specific legislation) so it can be tallied, and be sure to include your full name and address, so your rep knows you're a constituent. 


Write your congressperson

Find your congressional district and get familiar with your elected representative – they're your quickest in-road for having an impact. Remember, they work for YOU. Send mail directly to your member of congress at one of their regional offices. DO NOT SEND MAIL TO D.C. (Delivery to D.C. offices is delayed).


Write your senators

It's critical for us to remain in contact with our senators at this time — not just to voice concern, but to support them in taking bold actions. Locate your senators below, and follow the links provided to get their local mailing address. DO NOT MAIL TO D.C.